Fantasy and reality collide in Changeling Tale, a story-rich visual novel about finding one's "true" self... and true love!


Help a young man returning from war rebuild his life, kindle new romances, and reveal a secret that will forever transform the lives of those closest to him—literally!

Changeling Tale is a story-driven, transformation-themed visual novel featuring eleven romance options and many immersive transformations, all determined by your choices.


Scotland, 1919. The MacLeod sisters have felt the toll of war and are struggling to make ends meet. When their neighbor and childhood friend returns home, his support might just be the blessing they need. But little do they know, he will reveal a secret that will completely change their lives!

Play as Malcolm, the young Scottish veteran struggling to find peace on the farm where he grew up. Pick up the pieces, start a new life, and find true love... but be careful, for all is not as it seems. As the lives of Malcolm and those closest to him are turned upside down, your actions dictate how the story unfolds!


Story-rich & character-driven visual novel
Branching Plots with multiple endings
11 Romantic Interests
Hundreds of Hand-Drawn Illustrations, featuring some simple animation
Original Soundtrack with 30+ songs


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What Players of Our Game Have Said…

"Very impressed with the writing, visuals and soundtrack (left the music going while I took a break to prepare dinner)! I can't wait for more! While not the typical VN I've seen on this site, this is a refreshing change to the stereotypical VN and honestly forgot about looking for the lewdness while enjoying the story."




"Wonderful game. Really draws you in. The art is fantastic and so is the music. Only real issue I have at the moment is the lack of kinky things and Hazel not being a romance target. (Best girl). Really a gem of a game."


"I am very much enjoying the game. It's been a while since I played a game like this, in which I care most for the story and decisions that I make and the sexual content is an added bonus. Good job, devs!"

--Librarian Fell



"Good god, this is, well, really good. I was looking for something with more substance than just another smut rag. I was completely and totally blown away with this. From the music to the art, story is quite good as well. The only problem that I can see with it is that, well... I have to wait for it to finish. :D"



Our small team is dedicated to creating quality, entertaining games centered around transformation themes. We aim to set a high standard for the genre through excellence in writing, visuals and sound.

LEAD DEVELOPER: Little Napoleon

Little Napoleon is a long-time artist in the TF & furry communities, who now pursues art and game design full-time. With several comics, novels and short stories already under his belt, he is excited to use games to take his storytelling to the next level!


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CO-WRITER: Little Librarian

Little Librarian is a Harvard graduate in Creative Writing and is co-writing the story.  She has been thrown headlong into the TF & furry communities thanks to getting married to Little Napoleon (welcome to the fandom, honey)!


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Watsup is a household name in the TF community famous for both his solo work and his comic collaborations.  His expertise, creativity and drive are unparalleled, and we are happy to have him on board!


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COMPOSER: CheasyDino

CheasyDino is the crazy Asian guy in a dino suit who founded & hosts the Transformation Podcast "The Changing Times." His musical background includes over 6 years of formal education in piano, several years playing drums and percussion for various configurations and ensembles including jazz, symphony, marching band, as well as a mentorship from a former New York Philharmonic Symphony percussionist.  Cheasy has also been involved in the Mixing & Recording world, recording, mixing, and producing for various bands.


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